Mike is a second photographer at weddings. He has worked with some established greats, having had the pleasure of photographing some wonderful couples in some breathtaking locations, with some very special friends.

Enquiries are welcome from couples who connect with his images; even if you already have a primary photographer, Mike would love to hear from you and would be delighted to work with them.

It's Mike's pleasure to work with like minded professionals who feel his style could complement their own or add something different to their wedding output; if you are a photographer it would be wonderful to hear from you.

If you are yet to decide how you want your wedding captured, but top-class photography and stunning images are important to you, having a couple of photographers can open up a whole new range of possibilities and make sure every angle of your special day is covered. Mike recommends Stewart at Randall Photography and Antonio Sanzari; together we will be your photography team of choice.




Based on our long friendship, we work seamlessly to ensure the photography allows your day to be carefree and flow, safe in the knowledge that we are capturing as many aspects of it as are humanly possible. It'll be a complete whirlwind, but we will have met you beforehand to understand the running order. Hopefully we'll have had some input to the schedule of the day to ensure there's a few pauses for you to catch a breath and give some opportunities to steal you away to create some special images that reflect your day as a photographic story.

As a second photographer, Mike adopts an unobtrusive relaxed style to his images, balancing formal photographs to capture you both naturally as you enjoy your day, your guests as they mingle and chat, the details of the day that act together to make it unforgettable. Collectively we will provide the wow factor that will make you want to look at your images again time after time.

Whatever your thoughts, get in touch! Rates are negotiable depending on the duration and location.

Some of Mike's favourite locations where he's photographed weddings are, in no particular order, as follows: