On Location

While most of Mike's landscape and cityscape photography is just-for-fun, commissions are welcome...

The natural world has inspired people since the dawn of time, an ever changing, ever evolving set of relationships and dependencies between everyone and everything that inhabits it.

As a contrast to wedding photography, Mike aspires to the challenge of capturing the world in all its glory. With planet Earth changing at an ever increasing rate, his landscape photography is serious stuff!

Mike grew up a stone's throw from the English Lake District, and still gets excited whenever he returns to his natural home about the opportunities that could lie ahead. The stunning scenery, some wild places and the odd hidden gem all add up to be a landscape photographer's dream.

Mike is in his element in the Lakes as the sun sets on an autumn day, on top of a fell, the countryside expanding out before his eyes or literally disappearing from beneath his feet, the late-in-the-day light bringing atmosphere and awe.

But, it isn't just about rolling hills and valleys, at the other end of the spectrum, city life in London gives a completely different experience but no less exciting. The humanised landscape of tower blocks and office buildings, classic architecture to the concrete post-war era, all having that certain something that photographers find fascinating and just can't walk past without stopping, thinking wow then bagging the shot!

Mike enjoys regular photowalks in a wide range of locations, as part of work, for the pure pleasure of taking photographs, whether at home or travelling. He hopes his love affair with all of his images and the passion behind them is embodied in his work.

Thus, on location means exactly that... With a camera, any place, any time, with any one!