Ending up in Watendlath

Finally, a day where the weather lived up to the forecast, snow showers were forecast and snow showers were what we got!

Parking up alongside Derwent Water, for this stroll I took in the atmosphere of the weather front approaching before gaining a little height to Ashness Bridge and onwards to Watendlath. A heavy snow shower added a fresh inch or so to what was already a reasonable covering, adding picture-postcard splendour to the valley and tarn.

Thereafter the cloud thickened beyond good photo conditions so I resolved to just enjoy the stroll. The camera went back into it’s case but in doing so I must have unwittingly loosened my ice axe as somewhere on Grange Fell near King’s How it became dislodged from my rucsac. The snow must have given it a soft landing as I didn’t hear it fall and when I realised it was missing it was too late in the day to be able to see to go back and find it… so if you’ve found it… it’s mine… I would like it back please!!

Derwent water to Skiddaw

The weather approaches

The weather clears

Snow near Ashness Bridge


Crooked tree

Watendlath montage

2 Responses to “Ending up in Watendlath”

  1. Fantastic series of images and I love the way you have presented them on your blog. Looking forward to being a regular reader.

  2. […] where the winds blow strong and the trees grow stronger. . . because He is Mightier. Hop over here(6th picture down) to see a picture of one such tree. I can’t post it here due to copyright, but […]

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