Melbreak first ascent

Everytime I go somewhere in the Lakes I haven’t been for a while, after some deliberation I decide it’s my favourite place, with the best views or the most impressive scenery, only to change my mind the next time out! Yes, I know, very fickle! However, the scenery in the Buttermere-Crummock valley must surely be […]

Wharrels Hill Twilight

It seemed that the weather forecasters got the forecast wrong every day over the Christmas period, but on this day the dreary start paved the way for what looked set to be stunning sunset so I headed to Bothel to try and make interest of the Wharrels Hill wind turbines. In the event, some thicker […]

St John’s in the Vale

Once the fog in the previous blog had cleared, it was safe to head into the Lakes. With the forecast of cloud on the tops, I opted for a simple low level walk, and at about 8miles not too long to get my feet used to my winter boots that hadn’t been worn since last […]

Winter arrives and leaves it’s mark

Whoever thought it a good idea to have 24hours in a day was wrong, there should be at least 26! As I write this blog, I realise it’s quite some time since the first one. It’s been full-on since then, the run-up to Christmas, Christmas itself then the start to 2010, including the annual SWPP convention […]

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